Crypto Tropic

Crypto Tropic

Le Cabanon Records LECABANON003EP
  • EP: Blue outer sleeve, incl insert
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Crypto Tropic is the new musical project release from Nebulo (Thomas Pujols) and Druc Drac (François Dumeaux).

This eponymous corpus results from an emphasis on playful research and immediate pleasure, a desire to overstep musical boundaries. Through the combination of polyrhythms, synthesizer sounds, field recordings and ancestral music modes, Crypto Tropic takes on a fantastical, solar and ambivalent journey in the midst of an electrical wilderness.

Aspiring to a fantasized and remote horizon, the record roams through antique ruins and lost caverns, explores the traces of primeval forests; sacred places where the pagan sounds of ancient ritual music resonate.

Included in the vinyl edition, a quest proposal to find special items in different secret places.

Crypto Tropic: Crypto Tropic

Ambiuc Crypto Tropic 2' 23''
Byzance Crypto Tropic 3' 45''
Canopée Crypto Tropic 3' 52''
Ternal Crypto Tropic 3' 28''
Cryptes Crypto Tropic 3' 00''
50° Crypto Tropic 2' 01''
Mori Crypto Tropic 2' 56''
Art5 Crypto Tropic 49''
Tropiques Crypto Tropic 5' 46''
Tropes Crypto Tropic 2' 27''

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