Decoy Street

W.25TH W25-08
  • LP: Includes download
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Cube is the prolific and chimeric nom de plume of one Adam Keith, formidable tape experimentalist and artist / abraser currently operating in Oakland, California's vibrant subterranea. After countless cassette releases, 2016's well-received My Cube LP and a tenure in no-wave faction Mansion, Keith reaffirms Cube's pledge with Decoy Street – his second album and the most developed work he has made under any guise to date.

Opener "In This House" serves as the ideal introduction to Cube: cellular interference, colliding circuitry, metal-on-metal grind and simplistic guitar distortion meet a towering and damaged beat. While "Habit" merges downtempo and industrial touchstones via layers of heavily treated vocals, "Sanctuary" tilts further towards propulsion – a dark treatise on discomfort, yet contagious enough to charm DIY and post-punk devotees.

Released on W.25TH, Superior Viaduct's sub-label for contemporary bands, Decoy Street is recommended for fans of Prurient, Puce Mary and Alan Vega.

Cube: Decoy Street

In This House Cube 1' 32''
Alkaline Cube 4' 22''
Habit Cube 2' 57''
Aura War Cube 4' 36''
It's Always Summer Cube 3' 41''
Persona (Version) Cube 2' 29''
Sanctuary Cube 4' 17''
Singing In English Cube 2' 51''
Carfentanyl Cube 2' 11''
Catalogue Cube 4' 08''
Pendulum Cube 1' 44''
Word Church Cube 3' 42''

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