Curse ov Dialect

Twisted Strangers

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2016 marks the return of wildly surrealist experimental hip-hop group Curse Ov Dialect, back after a 7 year hiatus with a brand new socially concious, zonked-out album called Twisted Strangers, the follow-up to 2009’s critically acclaimed Crisis Tales.

Renowned for their non-conformist costumery and political ethos the enigmatic Australian group has garnered a strong worldwide cult following. Twisted Strangers includes guest appearances from Hemlock Ernst (Samuel T. Herring from Future Islands), Curse’s Japanese ambassador Kaigen and Stormtrap from Palestine’s Ramallah Underground.

Twisted Strangers sees them continue further down their own uniqe musical path, revelling in the openness of their eclectic sample concoctions paired with hard but twisted beats. The conventions of hip-hop are used as a foundation to build a unique voice that broaches no comparisons.

Curse ov Dialect: Twisted Strangers

Brotherhood Curse ov Dialect 03' 04''
Return Of Them All Curse ov Dialect 03' 31''
Greed Curse ov Dialect 03' 45''
Twisted Strangers (feat. Hemlock Ernst) Curse ov Dialect 04' 06''
Night Shoes Curse ov Dialect 02' 27''
Defy And Decay Curse ov Dialect 04' 23''
Wisdom Transformation Curse ov Dialect 05' 35''
Calamity Curse ov Dialect 03' 01''
Superheroes Curse ov Dialect 02' 33''
Busy Streets With Lazy Minds Curse ov Dialect 02' 46''
Mountain Pressure Curse ov Dialect 03' 35''
Legend Of Leigh Bowery Curse ov Dialect 04' 02''
Truth By Selection Curse ov Dialect 04' 11''
Wood Panel Curse ov Dialect 01' 08''
Precious Liquids Curse ov Dialect 03' 09''
Mystery Door Curse ov Dialect 04' 41''
Whole Of The Nothing Curse ov Dialect 03' 34''

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