Curt Cress

Dschung Tek EP

Music From Memory MFM038
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Curt Cress worked as a producer and studio musician, maybe most notably for Nina Hagen, but he also recorded his own music, percussive instrumentals by preference. Like krauty House Tracks with a little overambitious live-drumming. Pretty unique stuff. The key track here clearly is 'Dschung Tek', originally recorded in '91, some kind of proto-trance backed with elephant trumpets and bird chirping as well as steel drums and synthetic string pads. Cress' drumming sometimes sounds like the Safri Duo in a parallel universe, in which the Safri Duo was actually cool. There's a version without the live drums as well. B side features three more tracks from 1983.

Curt Cress: Dschung Tek EP

Dschung Tek (Long Version) Curt Cress 2' 00''
Dschung Tek (No Live Drums) Curt Cress 2' 00''
Sundance Curt Cress 2' 00''
Power Vein Curt Cress 2' 00''
Flying High Curt Cress 2' 00''

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