DJ Koze

Knock Knock

Pampa PAMPALP013
  • 2LP+7": Includes download
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More than ever before on Koze's records, there are fascinating, individualist – and well-known – voices through out Knock Knock but again, each of them is rendered strange, drawn into a different reality Bon Iver's ghostly hymnals samples on “Bonfire” are very recognisably Bon Iver, but the way they twist and merge with synthetic sounds until choir and computer are writhing around one another in bliss are something else. The ever-unique Róisín Murphy, on two stunning tracks, becomes a cyborg funk diva. Speech from Arrested Development delivers luscious and lazy R&B-funk on “Colors of Autumn”, but Koze's warping bass, dubwise echo and alien nature sounds take it to an alternate dimension tropical landscape. Kurt Wagner of Lambchop is a vocoder bohemian, Sophia Kennedy is a sci-fi Weimar cabaret star, José Gonzalez a holographic projection from an old film of South Sea Islands... on it goes, nothing is real, everyone is an inhabitant of Koze-world.

DJ Koze: Knock Knock

Club der Ewigkeiten DJ Koze 4' 10''
Bonfire DJ Koze 5' 25''
Moving in a Liquid (feat. Eddie Fummler) DJ Koze 4' 41''
Colors of Autumn (feat. Speech) DJ Koze 4' 24''
Music on My Teeth (feat. José Gonzalez) DJ Koze 2' 00''
This Is My Rock (feat. Sophia Kennedy) DJ Koze 3' 00''
Illumination (feat. Róisín Murphy) DJ Koze 2' 00''
Pick Up DJ Koze 6' 38''
Planet Hase (feat. Mano Le Tough) DJ Koze 5' 11''
Scratch That (feat. Róisín Murphy) DJ Koze 2' 00''
Muddy Funster (feat. Kurt Wagner) DJ Koze 5' 24''
Baby (How Much I LFO You) DJ Koze 4' 32''
Jesus DJ Koze 5' 14''
Lord Knows DJ Koze 4' 08''
Seeing Aliens DJ Koze 4' 52''
Drone Me Up, Flashy (feat. Sophia Kennedy) DJ Koze 6' 35''

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