DJ Raph

Sacred Groves

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DJ Raph is an electronic musician, producer and DJ from Nairobi, Kenya. He is an outstanding fgure in the growing Kenyan underground electronic scene. His debut album Sacred Groves is a rare gem of a record; considered, emotional and contagious.

DJ Raph builds rich, textured electronic music from pan-African ethnographic field recordings. Sacred Groves opens up a timeless musical universe, that is both ancient and futuristic; a deep melange of modern electronic bass music, african chants and traditional rhythms. This is essential dance music. It is fundamentally not kitsch or clichéd.

What makes DJ Raph's approach unique within the abundant production of African electronic music is a keen interest in the meanings and contexts of the original field recordings. Sacred Groves emerges from weeks of research in the extensive music archive of the Iwalewahaus (Bayreuth). The music, rhythms and chants which he builds from are not just to expand his sound palette; his work is a considered homage to the traditions which he borrows from. The archive is revered rather not researched.

The respect that DJ Raph, a Nairobi-based producer, has for a broad African cultural heritage is deeply visceral and palpable in this music. Long samples allow the feld recordings to breathe, to open up an innovative and vital electronic soundscape. Sacred Groves is simultaneously traditional, contemporary and deeply sacred.

All music was produced by Raphael Kariuki in Nairobi, Kenia & Bayreuth, Germany. All ethnographic recordings used on this record are part of the UNESCO World Heritage with friendly support of Klassik Center, Kassel. Additional mixing by Hannes Teichmann. Mastered by Mike Grinser at Manmade Mastering, Berlin.

DJ Raph: Sacred Groves

Drum Rhythms DJ Raph 4' 05''
Chant Of The Umuhara DJ Raph 4' 08''
Earthstep DJ Raph 4' 59''
The Boy From Digenenthi DJ Raph 2' 31''
Reeds From Chad DJ Raph 4' 35''
Bird Trap DJ Raph 2' 11''
Ikondera DJ Raph 4' 55''
Dance Of The Agasambi DJ Raph 3' 47''
Butchers' Rhythm DJ Raph 4' 27''
Yayaya Twins DJ Raph 2' 09''

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