DJ Residue (Kassem Mosse)

211 Circles Of Rushing Water

The Trilogy Tapes TTT067
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Kassem Mosse comes up with a brilliant EP full of grumpy mid-fi electronics. "Recorded over the course of five days in summer in an apartment with no AC in New York with random instruments found inside the apartment (a moog radioshack synth & two zildjian cymbals)".

DJ Residue (Kassem Mosse): 211 Circles Of Rushing Water

Blackline DJ Residue 1' 19''
Hand-Crafted Among The Stars DJ Residue 2' 00''
Do U Have Suggestions DJ Residue 1' 01''
Triple-Arched Gateway DJ Residue 2' 00''
Meditation Fee DJ Residue 1' 13''
211 Circles Of Rushing Water DJ Residue 2' 00''
Combi Zooooc DJ Residue 1' 08''
Shallow Bowl DJ Residue 2' 00''

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