Neva Done This Before

Black Opal BOP012
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With the DJ S moniker our B leaves the lo-fi house infusions of his work as Slyngshot on Yappin to build live-wire broken bouncers for Black Opal as DJ S... 'Golf One' opens the record with coiled up melodic riffs popping away in a boxed off no-walk zone. 'Stumbling For A Sec' up's the ante with break-beats piling on top of collar tight arpeggios before emptying away into drip drop melodies sounding like icicles shining (an emptiness which Privacy explores in his syrupy dub on the B). 'Twisted Physics' is the culmination of the A side, a maze like geometry of descendant arps and technoid chattering.

DJ S: Neva Done This Before

Golf One DJ S 8' 12''
Stumbling For A Sec DJ S 6' 45''
Twisted Physics DJ S 6' 06''
For A Sec (Privacy Remix) DJ S 6' 32''

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