White Gaze

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DRNTTCKS return with their fifth full-length release, this time on british tape label Industrial Coast. "White Gaze" takes a grim look at Europe anno 2019: ongoing wars against migration through the EU government and Frontex, the rise of racist nationalist parties all over the continent, a re-installment of identity politics and re-legitimation toxic masculinity. Things are fucked, but maybe they are as fucked now as they were in 1910 or 1986, because the regime has been mostly the same. It’s the panoptic stare of white, wealthy and more than often male, heterosexual cis bodies. Who still set the rules. Who still distribute the power.

All graphic work on this release is done by artist Elisabeth Thoma. The photos used for "White Gaze" were taken in the ethnographic departement of a natural history museum. There were no white bodies objectified or exhibited.

DRNTTCKS: White Gaze

Der Krieg Ist An (Drone Style) DRNTTCKS 3' 56''
Formsache DRNTTCKS 3' 36''
Das Kollektive Subjekt Hat 1 Schlechtes Gewissen DRNTTCKS 6' 23''
Manthrax DRNTTCKS 2' 44''
Infinite Cop DRNTTCKS 5' 25''
Infinite Cop (Version) DRNTTCKS 3' 53''
Überfremde DRNTTCKS 2' 34''
Aufnahmestopp DRNTTCKS 12' 05''
Datamoor DRNTTCKS 5' 19''

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