• LP: Includes download, 2018 Reissue, blue vinyl
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Made possible after a beat tape swap between Prefuse 73 and Dabrye after the pair shared the stage in Detroit, Instrmntl is a continuation of the beat experiments Tadd Mullinix began with One/Three and a bridge to the diverse textures that would define Two/Three four years later.

Instrmntl offers a snapshot of a time when potentials seemed infinite, when lines could be drawn between jazz, ragga jungle, techno, and hip-hop and the resulting shape divined an exciting future.

Dabrye: Instrmntl

Intrdctn Dabrye 00' 00''
Won Dabrye 00' 00''
No Child of God Dabrye 00' 00''
D-Town Tabernacle Choir Dabrye 00' 00''
You Know the Formula Right Dabrye 00' 00''
Evelyn Dabrye 00' 00''
This Is Where I Came In Dabrye 00' 00''
Prospects (Marshall Law) Dabrye 00' 00''
Take Me Home Dabrye 00' 00''
Gimme Lowlands Dabrye 00' 00''

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