An Ambassador For Laing

Blackest Ever Black BLACKESTLP003
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An Ambassador For Laing is the debut album by Dalhous. Arriving in the wake of their recent 10", Mitchell Heisman, it's due to be released by Blackest Ever Black in April 2013.

The Edinburgh-based duo of Marc Dall and Alex Ander work with intricately stacked percussion, dubwise bass and a rich harmonic tapestry of processed voices, keys, harp, vibraphone, guitar, woodwind, strings and synthesiser - every sound re-sampled to the nth degree then subjected to subtle automation and rigorously fine-tuned over a period of many months. From the mesmerised pastoral drift of 'Anger Sees Red' and 'Dwelling By The Meadow' to agitated arabesques like 'The Physical Body' and the self-titled 'Dalhous', the resulting pieces explore dreamlike but treacherous terrain. Eleven questions in a world of blue.

Dalhous: An Ambassador For Laing

He Was Human and Belonged with Humans Dalhous 00' 00''
The Physical Body Dalhous 00' 00''
Anger Sees Red Dalhous 00' 00''
Bolder and Lighter Than the Beat from a Wing Dalhous 00' 00''
Who's Here, You're Here, I'm Here... Dalhous 00' 00''
Dalhous Dalhous 00' 00''
The Cruel Practice of Art Dalhous 00' 00''
Dwelling by the Meadow Dalhous 00' 00''
Eros, Love and Lies Dalhous 00' 00''
A White, White Day Dalhous 00' 00''
Dreamers of Decadence Dalhous 00' 00''

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