Dan Curtin

The Silicon Dawn

Peacefrog PF018
  • 2LP: Ltd. Reissue
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As featured in Fact magazine’s “The greatest techno albums you’ve never heard”

Originally released way back in 1994 The Silicon Dawn was one of the first full lengths released on Peacefrog during a period which turned out to be remarkably fruitful for techno.

Tracks such as Parallel and Population 2 kissed the same patch of sky as Black Dog or “Icon” -era Derek May but Dan’s unique ability to mix melodies, harmonic layers around complex percussion proved to be a compelling innovation from the techno norm.

Richly harmonic, expressionist techno in the grandest Detroit style from Dan Curtin.

Dan Curtin: The Silicon Dawn

Intro Dan Curtin 2' 00''
Parallel Dan Curtin 2' 00''
A Flash in The Distance Dan Curtin 2' 00''
Devotion Dan Curtin 2' 00''
Population 2 Dan Curtin 2' 00''
It Tastes Like Dan Curtin 2' 00''
Outreach Dan Curtin 2' 00''
Thalia Lost Dan Curtin 2' 00''
Blue Apple Funk Drops Dan Curtin 2' 00''

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