Daphne Oram


Young Americans YoungAm001
  • 4LP: 2019 Repress, clear vinyl, gatefold sleeve
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Young Americans, operating under the Modern Love umbrella, presents an extremely special vinyl pressing of some of the most important early electronic music ever made. Daphne Oram was the founder of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, a department she more or less single-handedly created in 1958 camping out at the BBC studios for nights on end splicing tapes and working with various modified machines to create her abstract soundscapes. Eventually the BBC bent under her pressure and in studio 13 created the soon-to-be-legendary Radiophonic Workshop, with Daphne Oram as its first director.

Oram also invented her own ‘drawn-sound’ technique, a process whereby strips of 35mm film would be manipulated before being fed into her home-made ‘Oramics’ machine which would convert and ‘read’ the film into sound. Despite her considerable and historic list of achievements, Oram’s life and work remain largely unknown by the wider public. As this remarkable 44-track collection shows, however, her work ranks amongst the most varied and pioneering ever made, it’s quite incredible to think that this is the first time any of these precious recordings have been available on vinyl.

* Exremely special artefact from the founder of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop
* None of this material has ever been available on vinyl before
* Oram was the first woman in the world to direct an electronic music studio, the first woman to set up a personal studio and the first woman to design and construct an electronic musical instrument
* 155 minutes / 8 sides of vinyl cut by Lupo at D&M
* Housed in heavyweight 300gm Gatefold sleeve featuring rare archive photographs.

Daphne Oram: Oramics

Introduction Daphne Oram 3' 34''
Power Tools Daphne Oram 48''
Bird of Parallax Daphne Oram 13' 03''
In a jazz style Daphne Oram 43''
Purring Interlude Daphne Oram 48''
Contrasts essconic Daphne Oram 8' 20''
Lego builds it Daphne Oram 1' 01''
Pompie Ballet Daphne Oram 3' 40''
Intertel Daphne Oram 1' 24''
Adwick high school no.1 Daphne Oram 51''
Look at Oramics Daphne Oram 44''
Rotolock Daphne Oram 1' 32''
Purple Dust Daphne Oram 6' 51''
High Speed Flight Daphne Oram 54''
Studio Experiment no.1 Daphne Oram 1' 54''
Four Aspects Daphne Oram 8' 07''
Kia Ora Daphne Oram 52''
Dr. Faustus suite Daphne Oram 9' 41''
Adwick high school no.2 Daphne Oram 2' 22''
Tumblewash Daphne Oram 2' 05''
Studio Experiment no.2 Daphne Oram 33''
Snow Daphne Oram 7' 46''
Rockets In Ursa Major (Excerpt 1) Daphne Oram 4' 57''
Food Preservation Daphne Oram 3' 26''
Studio Experiment No.3 Daphne Oram 1' 12''
Bala Daphne Oram 1' 47''
Episode Metallic Daphne Oram 5' 33''
Studio Experiment No.4 Daphne Oram 44''
Adwick High School No.3 Daphne Oram 1' 40''
Fanfare Of Graphs Daphne Oram 1' 02''
Studio Experiment No.5 Daphne Oram 1' 19''
Brociliande Daphne Oram 10' 16''
Mary Had A Little Lamb Daphne Oram 2' 11''
Incidental Music For Invasion (Excerpts) Daphne Oram 5' 09''
Costain Suite Daphne Oram 13' 21''
Rockets In Ursa Major (Excerpt 2) Daphne Oram 1' 27''
Passacaglia Daphne Oram 4' 30''
Missile Away Daphne Oram 2' 12''
Pulse Persephone Daphne Oram 4' 07''
Adwick High School No.4 Daphne Oram 2' 22''
Nestea Daphne Oram 33''
Rockets In Ursa Major (Excerpt 3) Daphne Oram 3' 30''
Conclusion Daphne Oram 21''
Studio Jinks Daphne Oram 6' 09''

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