Hatred Of Sound

Second Sleep SS086LP
  • LP: Edition of 200 copies
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New record from Darksmith years away from the previous ... well, it is not easy to talk about the records of Tom, even if this difficulty, on the borders with the impossibility, validates the complete success of his work. We are not dealing with an abstract thing, reality is omnipresent in these furrows ... yet it manages to escape any attempt at semantic classification and makes even impossible the definition of an emotional tonality; rather the listening leads back to places of the familiar insignificance in which life is immersed. The two sides are both tripartite, perhaps less messed up than usual, with the usual limping of difficultly identifiable sounds, phantom appearances of music, deteriorated, elsewhere. (Francesco Tignola)

Darksmith: Hatred Of Sound

Crash Landing, Times Are Rough, Hold Me Close, Never Trust Your Body Darksmith 14' 47''
Poor Beginnings, Don't You See I'm Burning, Disguised Like A Child, The Last Old Thing Darksmith 16' 28''

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