Denis Wise

Wize Music

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Perhaps one of the most unique and unlikely exponents of the highly collectible genres of ambient electronics, experimental tape-music and PINA (Private Issue New Age) this English born Jamaican raised sound designer, artist and existentialist furrowed his own unblinkered path through lesser chartered electronic fields for many moons before eventually teaming up with Bill Laswell (with Material) and Daevid Allen in New York to bring self-taught synthesis to Gong during their most oblique periods. Creating two impossibly rare self pressed vinyl LPs of conceptual inner-visionary outer-galactic angular tonal-dronal alien-art soundscapes in the process, the man known under figure shifting guises such as Dennis Wise/Denis Weise/Dr. Wise etc, combined a culture of sound system circuitry and radiophonic trickery adding Tea-pot poetry and sci-fidelity future-folk to his magnetic mesh! Presented here as the first ever dedicated Wize Music collection this record combines compositions spanning 1979-1984 in both a solo capacity as well as small-group projects featuring members of the Emerald Web band.

Imagine a comic book where a Funkenstein monster called “Laraaji-Scratch Perry” invaded your record shelf while Komendarek and Holger Czukay kept lookout... Dr. Dennis might be the only one Wise enough to outsmart all of them with his powerful amorphous anesthetic.

Denis Wise: Wize Music

Hedonic Rapture Denis Wise 6' 23''
Balfazzar Denis Wise 4' 57''
Machine Time Ship Denis Wise 3' 04''
Ya Alim-Kader Denis Wise 2' 23''
Celes Denis Wise 3' 49''
Alien Rock Denis Wise 3' 49''
Light As Air Denis Wise 3' 57''
Valhalla Denis Wise 4' 59''
Love In Foam And Surf Denis Wise 3' 34''
Andro Denis Wise 3' 38''

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