Department Of Eagles

The Cold Nose

Melodic MELO034CD
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The most eclectic record yet to be released on the Melodic label, Department Of Eagles' The Cold Nose is possibly the only album this year with beats even smarter than DJ Shadow. A bold statement we know, but more than that…songs that make your spine tingle yet rock like The Pixies and some noodletronics to make the Fourtetkid606manitobatypes sit up and take note.

Department Of Eagles: The Cold Nose

On Glaze Dept Of Eagles 01' 52''
Sailing by Night Dept Of Eagles 04' 35''
Noam Chomsky Spring Break 2002 Dept Of Eagles 03' 15''
The Piano in the Bathtub Dept Of Eagles 04' 23''
Romo-Goth Dept Of Eagles 02' 41''
Rex Snorted Coke Dept Of Eagles 02' 29''
Origin of Love Dept Of Eagles 02' 00''
Family Romance Dept Of Eagles 04' 19''
Forty Dollar Rug Dept Of Eagles 03' 16''
We Have to Respect Each Other Dept Of Eagles 00' 38''
The Curious Butterfly Realizes He Dept Of Eagles 02' 53''
The Horse You Ride Dept Of Eagles 04' 20''
Ghost in Summer Clothes Dept Of Eagles 03' 46''

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