Ideal Recordings IDEAL131LP
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iDEAL and Börft pay tribute to their pal Joel Brindefalk (1975-2013) with the posthumous issue of a long-lost tape of concrète noise created in 1992 during a wavey weekend with his mates, Joachim Nordwall, Christian Topac and Johan Petersson.

In making these recordings available for the first time, the closely-related labels reveal another side to Brindefalk’s known catalogue of ‘90s techno and warmer electronic dub stuff, one much more likely to broach black metal tropes and discomfiting concrète than anything warm or friendly.

From the chaotic scramble of its opening couplet, the tape cuts into what sounds like a free astral jazz jam captured in bristling lo-fi, before flinging us back into the abyss with a druggy passage of hoary howls streaked with traffic noises.

It gets no less wigged-out on the flip, serving as proper ear floss across four paper-cut-raw pieces of choked electronics, clattering hip hop cut-ups, and what could almost be the sound of an ogre doing the dishes.

Dionysian: Dionysian

Track 1 Dionysian 2' 00''
Track 2 Dionysian 2' 00''
Track 3 Dionysian 2' 00''
Track 4 Dionysian 2' 00''
Track 5 Dionysian 2' 00''
Track 6 Dionysian 2' 00''
Track 7 Dionysian 2' 00''
Track 8 Dionysian 2' 00''

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