Donna Regina

A Quiet Week In The House

Karaoke Kalk kalk #11-lp
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similar to the kind of books you have to reread on and on - for with every reading you keep this uncertain feeling of having catched just a tiny piece of the huge secret - similar to this kind of books you wish to listen to "a quiet week in the house“on and on. the singing of regina janssens, sometimes just a whisper but always gentle recalling memories of likeable ones like isabelle antena, you may took a fancy to in your youth and the dainty, always modest and tender soundings and melodies: nearly everything is brighten radiating a lovely warmth. "a quiet week in the house“ is narrating the musical history of donna regina and about the pleasure donna regina has in telling this story. they share with us views behind closed meanwhile maybe just forgotten doors or open so far unknown ones. without being too melancholic, always with a good sense for our here and now. exactly this kind of openminded and timeless sensuality made us carry "a quiet week in the house“ always with us - in this little box, where you keep all of your biggest treasures.

Donna Regina: A Quiet Week In The House

Why Donna Regina 4' 22''
Day By Day Donna Regina 1' 53''
Bouge-toi Donna Regina 4' 10''
A Quiet Week In The House Donna Regina 5' 40''
Shadow Of Your Love Donna Regina 3' 49''
I´am Walking Alone Donna Regina 4' 54''
Snow Is Only Frozen Water Donna Regina 2' 11''
Big Bright Star Donna Regina 4' 10''
Devotional Sleeper Donna Regina 4' 41''
Blue Echo Donna Regina 2' 19''
Star Ferry Donna Regina 4' 05''
Finally Donna Regina 3' 40''

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