Doon Kanda

Luna EP

Hyperdub HDB116
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One side of me is very much against the explanation and intellectualisation of my work. This side of me says the work is just another world and we won't get anywhere by talking about it. That it's a distraction from feeling it. The other side of me loves to intellectualise and interpret. But of course, it's always just a temporary snap shot of what I project in the moment. I call these two sides the child and adult in me. They're constantly in conversation as I work and after. The child is a lot more present in the process of working, and the adult has a bit more presence afterwards. For the last EP I wrote brief snapshots of what each track meant to me. Some of it still feels true now, and some of it has changed. For this EP I'll just leave it with no explanation. I've done a lot of new visual work that will come out alongside this and they can also be interpreted and paired in any way. If this EP is your first encounter with my work and you want more context, you can check my website and Instagram. It's all the same world.

Doon Kanda: Luna EP

Bloodlet Doon Kanda 1' 41''
Molting Doon Kanda 2' 00''
Luna Doon Kanda 2' 00''
Crinoline Doon Kanda 2' 00''
Burning Doon Kanda 2' 00''
Shed Doon Kanda 2' 00''
Lamina Doon Kanda 2' 00''

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