Spirit Channels

Not Not Fun NNF 352 MC
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Prolific proprietor of the Jungle Gym recording empire Caleb Draves aka Dravier has trafficked all manner of hypnotic vapor, emotive drone, and extraterrestrial atmospheres across several dozen micro-edition documents issued the past few years but Spirit Channels spans an even wider, weirder breadth of sound and mood, and feels as close to a definitive collection as he’s yet attempted.

Free-flowing through 50 minutes of equatorial new age, narcotic lounge, surrealist exotica, desert island serenade, sunrise sky-surf, and devotional tape hiss, the album sustains a poignant, plasmatic wavelength, sensory and spontaneous, wandering alone along winding coastlines. Field recordings of nocturnal jungles, insects, waves, and distant birds ground the songs with a sense of landscape but this is equally music of inner voyaging, adrift in archipelagos of memory and meditation.

Mastered by Matt Tammariello. Design by Britt Brown.

Dravier: Spirit Channels

Discovery Dravier 00' 00''
Spirit Channels Dravier 00' 00''
Hotel TV Network Dravier 00' 00''
Tropics Dravier 00' 00''
Safari Dravier 00' 00''
Pools Dravier 00' 00''
Canopy Dravier 00' 00''
Parasail Dravier 00' 00''
Sacred Passage Dravier 00' 00''
Inner Chambers Dravier 00' 00''

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