Dub Syndicate

One Way System

On-U-Sound ONULP025
  • 2LP: Includes download, 45rpm, Gatefold Sleeve
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Originally issued as a cassette on the ROIR label alongside the likes of Bad Brains, Suicide and The Contortions, this second album from 1983 is an uncompromising collection of heavy dub manners and experimental studio soundscaping. Dreader than dread roots rhythms sit alongside delay-baked post-punk instrumentals such as “Drilling Equipment” and “Synchroniser”.

First ever international vinyl edition, re-cut as a double LP at 45rpm for improved frequency response, includes bonus track “Blood Shed Dub” from the classic disco plate series, download card, and gatefold sleeeve with sleevenotes by Michael “Dub” Shore and Steve “On The Wire” Barker.

Dub Syndicate: One Way System

Socca Dub Syndicate 4' 46''
Overloader Dub Syndicate 5' 03''
Drilling Equipment Dub Syndicate 5' 29''
Drainpipe Rats Dub Syndicate 2' 35''
Schemers Dub Syndicate 6' 46''
Ascendent Part 4 Dub Syndicate 5' 13''
Synchronizer Dub Syndicate 4' 25''
Independence Dub Syndicate 4' 25''
Substyle Dub Syndicate 5' 50''
Displaced Master Dub Syndicate 3' 54''
Ascendant Part 6 Dub Syndicate 3' 37''
Blood Shed Dub (Bonus track) Dub Syndicate 2' 54''

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