Dub Syndicate

The Pounding System

On-U-Sound ONULP018
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The debut Dub Syndicate set from 1982, pre-dating the involvement of mainstay Style Scott. This features various members of Creation Rebel and African Head Charge turning out a wild dub set, with hard-hitting rhythms and FX-mutated melodies phasing in and out of the mix. Recorded quickly with track titles cheekily poking fun at the contemporary series by The Scientist which pitted him against various b-movie foes. The tunes themselves however are deadly serious, with version excursions on some classic On-U vocal cuts such as “Bedward The Flying Preacher” and “Across The Red Sea”, and a continuing commitment by producer Adrian Sherwood to take his love of reggae and filter it through his exploratory and uniquely English approach.

Re-cut at Dubplates & Mastering in Berlin. Includes download card with bonus track and sleevenotes by Steve Barker (On The Wire)

Dub Syndicate: The Pounding System

Pounding System Dub Syndicate 5' 19''
Hi-Fi Gets a Pounding (Pts. 1 & 2) Dub Syndicate 5' 30''
African Head Charge - Don't Care About Space Invader Machines (Pts. 1 & 2) Dub Syndicate 6' 42''
Fringe On Top Dub Dub Syndicate 4' 24''
Humourless Journalists Work to Rules Dub Syndicate 3' 55''
10K at 0VU - 60HZ - Mind Boggles Dub Syndicate 4' 05''
Crucial Tony Tries to Rescue the Space Invaders (With Only 10p) Dub Syndicate 3' 23''
Hi-Fi Gets A Pounding Pt. 3 Dub Syndicate 4' 09''
Return to Stage One Dub Syndicate 3' 05''
Gather at the River Dub Syndicate 4' 08''

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