Full Upon Her Burning Lips

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  • 2LP: Includes download, Gatefold sleeve
  • 2LP (color): Includes download, Gatefold sleeve, Crimson/Black Galaxy Vinyl
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The first few notes might just be enough to give it away. When it kicks in around the minute and a half mark, you know it couldn’t be anyone else. Primarily the vision of Dylan Carlson, Earth have developed a pretty recognisable sound. Full Upon Her Burning Lips is the ninth studio album from Seattle’s instrumental, drone-rock titans and continues to follow the bands own distinctive path.

On first listen it might feel like you’ve heard it all before. The beginning of ‘Cats on the Briar’ feels naggingly familiar. A minute or so in and it seems to expand, subtly becoming something new. The plates shift under our feet, creating a sound that’s familiar but fresh. It’s a trick the duo manage to pull off again-and-again.

Full Upon Her Burning Lips is fully and unapologetically an Earth album. Carlson perhaps describes it best, “It just felt like ‘Earth’—like just the two players doing their best work at playing, serving the music.”


Earth: Full Upon Her Burning Lips

Datura's Crimson Veils Earth 30''
Exaltation Of Larks Earth 30''
Cats On The Briar Earth 30''
The Colour Of Poison Earth 30''
Descending Belladonna Earth 30''
She Rides An Air Of Malevolence Earth 30''
Maidens Catafalque Earth 30''
An Unnatural Carousel Earth 30''
The Mandrake's Hymn Earth 30''
A Wretched Country Of Dusk Earth 30''

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