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The Boston based ensemble Ehnahre has been pioneering an effort to rethink and redefine what metal and extreme music can be, since their debut release in 2008- to equal parts acclaim and condemnation for their sins against the tradition. Their upcoming release, “Douve”, pushes things even farther into the muddy perimeter, incorporating elements of contemporary classical music, serialism, free improvisation, aleatory, free meter, noise and other experimental techniques.

An 18 part cycle based on poet Yves Bonnefoy’s "Theatre", the record is a window into the distressed mind of a man as he observes the death and decay of his metaphorical beloved, the "watcher of the cold secret". Employing a dizzying variety of timbres, instruments, moods and stylistic homages, the album ranges from the delicate shimmer of piano overtones to full-bore metal howl, its emotional intensity only overcome by the density of its harmonies. Sometimes beautiful, frequently disgusting, "Douve" is not only an aural narrative, but a display of the group’s radical evolution. It is sure to shock the uninitiated, challenge the extreme music veteran, and cement Ehnahre’s status as the most forward thinking metal band on the planet… "Nothing remains except a fire in death’s kingdom."

On this record Ryan McGuire and Ricardo Donoso return, along with new members Richard Chowenhill and Jared Redmond, and are joined by vocalist Ken Ueno, who appears on several tracks. Artwork contributed by Matt Saunders.

Ehnahre: Douve

I Saw You Ehnahre 4' 47''
Rather the Ivy Ehnahre 2' 37''
At Last Absent From My Head Ehnahre 5' 41''
Great Dogs of Leafage Tremble Ehnahre 2' 28''
Black Gestures Ehnahre 4' 43''
Trees of Another Shore Ehnahre 1' 49''
Wounded One Blurred Among the Leaves Ehnahre 2' 28''
Tearing Out of the Sight Ehnahre 3' 42''
Ceiling of Insects Ehnahre 5' 58''
Black Princes / Fountain of My Death Ehnahre 5' 28''
The Interior Sea Ehnahre 4' 26''
The Door Opens Ehnahre 5' 25''
I See You Disappearing Ehnahre 4' 25''
The March of Suns Ehnahre 5' 38''
The Throat Paints Itself Ehnahre 5' 54''
The Mute Limits Ehnahre 7' 00''
Attempted Rift in the Thickness of the World Ehnahre 5' 06''

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