Eiko Ishibashi

Imitation Of Life

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EIKO ISHIBASHI - and the first vinyl release of any kind on this already-accomplished performer. Eiko is a singer-songwriter, producer and session musician, focused on piano, but adept on drums, flute and vibraphone as well. Since 2006, she has released four pop albums and a solo piano album, all of which have been highly rated by the Japanese press. She plays at least a hundred gigs a year, including big rock festivals and European tours With an understanding of band dynamics developed through her many live shows and recordings, Eiko’s delicate, precise compositions are arranged with a dramatic-yet-humorous prog-pop sound. Eiko plays piano, vibraphone, and flute as well as nylon-string guitar, a first for her, on Imitation of Life. The flowing backgrounds she has conceived for her light, sweet melodies are captured by producer JIM O’ROURKE with a lively sense of play, which matches Eiko’s lyric concept. The lyrics in this album embody a science fiction story which brings the album to a challenging new level. Features backing from Jim O’Rourke, TOSHIAKI SUDO, TATSUHISA YAMAMOTO, and ATSUKO HATANO, as well as contributions from several guest musicians including jazz master AKIRA SAKATA.

Eiko Ishibashi: Imitation Of Life

Introduction Eiko Ishibashi 2' 00''
Resurrection Eiko Ishibashi 2' 00''
Long Scan of the Test Tube Sea Eiko Ishibashi 2' 00''
Written In the Wind Eiko Ishibashi 2' 00''
Silent Running Eiko Ishibashi 2' 00''
Fugitive Eiko Ishibashi 2' 00''
Imitation of Life Eiko Ishibashi 2' 00''

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