Planet Mu ZIQ386
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The unique lo-fi, woozy sound of Bristol's Nick Edwards stays intact while he veers towards the nineties for inspiration: the bleep and bass sound of the north of England is one touchpoint and the acid gurgles of the 303 are another.

While the murky lo-fi production levels and evocative melodies remain, they are now bolstered by a more muscular rhythmic chassis.

Snappier kicks and snares mingle with dense layers of percussion and deep undulating sub-basslines adding a funkier edge, as typified by opening track "Elevation" where playful beats interlock with breezy keyboard flourishes to create something uncharacteristically upbeat.

Ekoplekz: Bioprodukt

Elevation Ekoplekz 00' 00''
Consequences Ekoplekz 00' 00''
Expedition Ekoplekz 00' 00''
Acrid Acid Ekoplekz 00' 00''
Slipstream Ekoplekz 00' 00''
Calypzoid Ekoplekz 00' 00''
Transience Ekoplekz 00' 00''
Descent Ekoplekz 00' 00''
Low X-Over Ekoplekz 00' 00''
Denier Daze Ekoplekz 00' 00''

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