In Search Of The Third Mantra

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Drawing parallels between present day Britain and that of the turn of the 80s, Ekoplekz looks back to that era's industrial and post-punk soundtrack for inspiration. In a land increasingly brutalized by austerity and divided by nationalism, the tensions that informed some of the post-punk era's most important works (Red Mecca, Unknown Pleasures, Metal Box) haunt this collection of bleak postcards from the present. Recorded quickly on cassette tape recorders, combining live instrumentation (guitar, bass, keyboards) with programmed drum machine and sequencer, the album has a raw, spontaneous edge, drawing on elements of dub, funk and primitive electronics for musical direction. The album is dedicated to the late Mark Fisher, who's brilliantly insightful writing is sorely missed while trying to make sense of these insane times.

Ekoplekz: In Search Of The Third Mantra

High Rise Dub Ekoplekz 2' 00''
K-Punk Ekoplekz 2' 00''
Do the Meinhof Ekoplekz 2' 00''
Trigger Machinery Ekoplekz 2' 00''
Accept Nothing Ekoplekz 2' 00''
She's a Tangent Ekoplekz 2' 00''
Corrosion Cars Ekoplekz 2' 00''
Sons of Chance Ekoplekz 2' 00''
Chrome Elevator Ekoplekz 2' 00''
Heart Addict (In Make Up) Ekoplekz 2' 00''

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