El Deux + Martin Kraft

Nur Für Mädchen

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El Deux is the Swiss electro-pop trio of Gutze Gautschi (guitar, vocals), Steno Onetz (bass), Martin Kraft (vocals, drum machine). Formed circa 1981 in Aarau by Gutze and Steno who played together in punk/New Wave band Fresh Color aka Frische Farbe featuring a pre-Yello Dieter Meier. Gutze’s minimal electronic compositions did not fit the concept of Fresh Color, so they formed a new project with their live mixer, Martin Kraft, on vocals. The group was quite successful with many concerts, mainly in southern Germany and various TV appearances in Germany and abroad. Between April/September 1982 they recorded and mixed their debut album ‘Nur Für Mädchen’ in 15 days at Powerplay Studios, Zurich. The LP was released later that year on Gold Records. Influences at that time were of course the NDW “Neue Deutsche Welle'' movement and also from Gutze’s time as a musician & guitarist since 1965. Their step up for recording was a Moog Prodigy, Korg Rhythm 55 (KR-55), Simmons Drums, Casiotone 202, Guitar and Bass. We’ve added a bonus track “Video King” that was originally released as a follow up single in 1984 before the group disbanded.

All songs have been remastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studios. The record is housed in an exact replica of the original jacket and includes an insert with photos and lyrics.

El Deux + Martin Kraft: Nur Für Mädchen

Computer Mädchen El Deux + Martin Kraft 1' 30''
Mädchen (Lass das sein!) El Deux + Martin Kraft 1' 30''
Mein Ding El Deux + Martin Kraft 1' 30''
Wir tanzen El Deux + Martin Kraft 1' 30''
Video King El Deux + Martin Kraft 1' 30''
Ich möcht' ich wär 1 Millionär El Deux + Martin Kraft 1' 30''
50 Jahr, blondes Haar El Deux + Martin Kraft 1' 30''
Gangster tscha tscha El Deux + Martin Kraft 1' 30''
Spieglein, Spieglein El Deux + Martin Kraft 1' 30''
Gletscher El Deux + Martin Kraft 1' 30''

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