Les Particules

Three:four Records TFR058LP
  • LP: Gatefold sleeve
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Original motion picture soundtrack to the Blaise Harrison film.

Since our first listening, we've been obsessed by the strange beauty of this small pop track that seems to be fallen on a dark hole. After having the chance to see the film before its screening at Cannes Festival La Quinzaine des Réalisateurs, we decided to release this music. The LP comes in a beautiful gatefold sleeve designed by Coline Sunier and Charles Mazé.

Since 2004, Èlg, has drawn concentric sound spirals made of musical pipes and entrails. He builds improbable bridges between concrete music and french song debris, between cryptic electronic tribal incantations and russian doll dancing in Plutonia. When not in french, language is reduced to alien babble of an old man, a child, a dusty revenant, an epileptic bard, a peaceful messenger...

Èlg, is 1/2 Opéra Mort, 1/3 Orgue Agnès, 1/3 Reines d'Angleterre, 1/2 Schultz et Èlg.

Èlg: Les Particules

Ouverture Èlg 1' 32''
Un gars discret Èlg 37''
La photo de classe Èlg 48''
C.E.R.N. Èlg 1' 30''
Multiple Worlds Èlg 2' 31''
Des trucs étranges Èlg 34''
Marche Èlg 2' 11''
Nos mains ne se touchent pas Èlg 1' 11''
Départ pour l'Allondon Èlg 42''
La véritable neige Èlg 4' 14''
Gex Èlg 1' 11''
Particles Èlg 2' 55''
Avant l'interrogatoire Èlg 1' 18''
Mérou Èlg 2' 42''
Ni Franck ni Lise Èlg 2' 38''
Chez la psy Èlg 27''
Malaise Èlg 44''
La montée Èlg 2' 17''
Reste avec moi Èlg 1' 46''
Coda Èlg 2' 28''

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