Eli Keszler

Last Signs of Speed

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  • 2LP: Debossed bronze color Sleeve, incl. Washi Paper Insert
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Last Signs of Speed is Eli Keszler's first solo release since 2012's Catching Net (PAN Records) and explores a very different side of his unique acoustic universe. One in which the macrocosmic percussive collisions of his earlier work give way to a gradual unfolding of dub-influenced rhythmic constellations. Eli has described Last Signs as his response to playing in club environments over the last few years; an attempt to negotiate a delicate balance between the materiality of his acoustic instrument and the hyper-mediated sonic ecosystem of the club sound system. Coming off like an inspired synthesis between Scientist and Xenakis, Last Signs of Speed is a truly unique work by an artist at the height of his powers.

Artwork: Bronze colour on Japanese paper, debossed, Liner note on Washi paper, with text by David Grubbs.

About Eli Keszler:

Eli Keszler is a New York-based artist, composer and percussionist. His compositions and visual works examine the limits of instrumentation, notation, and space in its insti- tutional, musical and public form.

Eli has released solo records on ESP-Disk and PAN and toured extensively throughout Europe and the US, perform- ing solo and in collaboration with artists such as Tony Conrad, Oren Ambarchi, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Aki Onda, and Rashad Becker. His upcoming projects include a duo recording with Rashad Becker at The Empty Gallery and a collaborative project with Laurel Halo.

Keszler's sound installations, music and visual work have appeared at Lincoln Center, MIT List Center, Victoria & Albert Museum, Sculpture Center, The Kitchen, South London Gallery, Carpenter Center for The Visual Arts (Har- vard), Luma-Foundation, Tectonics Festival (Harpa Hall) Reykjavik, Centraal Museum in Utrecht, Boston Center for the Arts, Barbican-St. Lukes and 3S Arts and Greater New York at MoMA PS1.

Eli Keszler: Last Signs of Speed

Sudden Laughter, Laughter Without Reason Eli Keszler 4' 21''
Corresponding Probably To Quanta Eli Keszler 4' 14''
Streaming Down. Streaming Down. Eli Keszler 4' 56''
The Immense Endless Belt Of Faces Eli Keszler 8' 08''
No Iodine, No Breeze Eli Keszler 4' 56''
Breaches Breaches Eli Keszler 3' 35''
The Next Day, In The Afternoon Eli Keszler 6' 24''
Is Strategist Eli Keszler 2' 01''
Is Stage Director Eli Keszler 5' 28''
Holes, Parts Missing Eli Keszler 3' 41''
Willing To Be Open Eli Keszler 3' 48''
Fusillade Of Colors Eli Keszler 4' 53''

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