Balayes De La Main Du Hasard

Faraway Press FARAWAY030
  • LP: Edition of 400 copies
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Timo Van Lujik (Af Ursin) and Andrew Chalk regroup their quiet energies alongside Tom James Scott (guitar) and Daisuke Suzuki (korogi) with the tenderly spectral and folksy ambient strokes of Balayes De La Main Du Hasard for Chalk’s private imprint, Faraway Press.

Intimacy, modesty and attention to detail are key to the sound of Elodie and all carefully in check on this, their 11th recording together since 2011. Absorbing cues from minimal classical, ethereal folk and even wistful traces of country music, they effectively transmute those inspirations to locate a gently luminous middle distance sound, one which seems occupy the space between the speakers and the ears with a quality best compared to the last shaft of dying light in a darkened room.

It’s perhaps an overused phrase on these pages, but the effect of their music inside is decidedly dreamlike. They seem to prise sounds from warm, hazy air, rendering an array of shimmering, mirage-like extractions through a combination of super refined instrumental techniques and ineffable levels of empathy, enabling them to conjure very particular out-of-body sensations and an incredibly lush sort of spectral intangibility.

The way they layer and suspend the elements in their compositions is little short of magical, bringing the sense of space and detail of a ’60s jazz record into the ambient realm with a ghostly sleight of hand that coolly short circuits and makes much modern classical sound totally overwrought by comparison, and likewise lends a folk wise delicacy to ambient music which doesn’t come with the usual, cloying tropes. It’s sound like a fine, refreshing mist in hot weather, or a sort of temporal balm for these accelerated times.

Elodie: Balayes De La Main Du Hasard

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