Elon Katz

The Human Pet

Diagonal Diagonal 029 LP
  • LP: Initial copies on yellow vinyl
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Elon Katz of White Car and Streetwalker returns with an incredible solo outing for Diagonal, perhaps the most complex and distinctive release on the label so far. RIYL Aphex Twin, Powell, Luc Van Acker, Savant.

Elon Katz aligns perfectly with Diagonal in a prickling debut vocal release, The Human Pet; his first original solo issue in four years, containing an intensely personal, puckered perspective on electronic dance music and experimental pop.

Elon Katz: The Human Pet

The Rhino Powder of New Sensitivity Elon Katz 2' 41''
Immovable Elon Katz 4' 12''
You Are Alone Elon Katz 4' 01''
The Human Pet Elon Katz 3' 33''
Unarmed Elon Katz 4' 46''
Clean Crash Elon Katz 4' 38''

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