Emerson Kitamura

The Countryside Is Great EP

EM Records EM1173
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Emerson Kitamura is here with the fifth and final in a series of 12-inch releases in support of the film “Bangkok Nites”. Kitamura is a renowned veteran keyboardist in Japan, having worked on countless sessions from the late 80s to the present. These self-produced tracks, featuring his trademark old-school rhythm box, feature instrumental and dub versions of Rungphet Laemsing’s “The Countryside is Great”, plus a bass music version of Angkhanang Khunchai’s “Lam Phloen Salab Khonsawan” and a cover of George McRae’s early disco classic “Rock Your Baby”, with mmm (mii mai moe) on vocals. Cover art by Shinsuke Takagi of Soi48.

Emerson Kitamura: The Countryside Is Great EP

The Countryside Is Great Emerson Kitamura 50''
Lam Phloen Salab Khonsawan Bassline Emerson Kitamura 54''
Rock Your Baby (featuring mmm) Emerson Kitamura 1' 15''
The Countryside Is Great (Version) Emerson Kitamura 55''

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