Eureka Brass Band


Mississippi Records MRP 083
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Recorded in a New Orleans alley on a Sunday afternoon in 1951. This is a truly unique field recording of a jazz band playing dirges intended as a soundtrack to the parade to the graveyard during a traditional New Orleans funeral. It's beautiful mesmerizing music and about as deep as it gets. THE EUREKA BRASS BAND played hundreds of funerals— dirges to the graveyard and raucous joyous sounds on the way out. Here we have just the dirges. Some of the finest trombone, trumpet, sousaphone, clarinet, sax and drumming you're likely to ever hear. Songs include "Fallen Hero," "West Lawn Dirge," "Garland of Flowers" and "Eternity." A co-release with Singasong Fighter records.

Eureka Brass Band: Dirges

West Lawn Dirge Eureka Brass Band 2' 00''
Just A Closer Walk With Thee Eureka Brass Band 2' 00''
Garland Of Flowers Eureka Brass Band 2' 00''
Departed Hero Eureka Brass Band 2' 00''
Fallen Heroes Eureka Brass Band 2' 00''
Eternity Eureka Brass Band 2' 00''

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