Mat Åt Duvorna EP

Cititrax CITI 010
  • EP: 160 gr. milky clear vinyl.
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Facit is the brainchild of Joakim Karlsson hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden, who also released under Jocke & Elliot back in 2010. Featuring both Karlsson and the lovely Mai Nestor on vocals, Facit is quintessential melancholic Swedish wave at it’s finest. Exquisitely produced, the EP is a minimal synth wave gem, drawing some inspiration from French Chanson as well. Mat Åt Duvorna is pressed on 160 gram milky clear vinyl. The total run of this release is limited to 999 copies.

Facit: Mat Åt Duvorna EP

Om Igen Facit 1' 17''
Alan Turing Facit 1' 18''
Albatross Facit 1' 10''
A Million Years Facit 1' 11''
Broschyr Facit 1' 27''

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