Fahmi Mursyid

One Instrument Sessions 03

One Instrument ONEINST003EP
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One Instrument Session series presents the Indonesian artist, Fahmi Mursyid. His mini-album includes 6 tracks that have the ability to take the listener on a warm, experimental journey of varying timbres.

The artist has always had a personal interest in traditional Indonesian instruments, specifically from Sundanese culture, the second largest Indonesian ethnic group, native to the western part of the Island of Java. Paying homage to this source of inspiration, he has chosen to use Indonesian instruments for almost all of the tracks on the 12’’. Considering the strict guidelines One Instrument gives the artists, Mursyid has succeeded in getting the most out of his chosen instruments. With each of the 6 different acoustic instruments he has eluded clichè and surpassed physical limitations to shape a bold, alternative musical language.

All tracks are recorded with only one condenser microphone. Composed and produced by Fahmi Mursyid. Mastered by Giuseppe Tillieci at Enisslab Studio, Rome Original artwork by Alejandra García and Marco Ciceri.

Fahmi Mursyid: One Instrument Sessions 03

Hening (Saron) Fahmi Mursyid 3' 13''
Wirama (Kendang) Fahmi Mursyid 3' 30''
Denting (Rösler Piano 50's) Fahmi Mursyid 3' 37''
Halaman (Karinding) Fahmi Mursyid 4' 29''
Dentum (Bonang) Fahmi Mursyid 5' 37''
Alunan (Pan Flute) Fahmi Mursyid 4' 30''

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