Bad Ideas

Meteo meteo022 ep
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The Berlin label Meteosound (run by SHITKATAPULT´s Daniel Meteo) broke its silence with its digital only DEMAND series in early 2008. Now we are proud to announce our first vinyl 12" release after one year!

With BAD IDEAS Berlin producer and sound engineer FELIX delivers a great book of (5) musical sketches that lead from uptempo cut up dubby hiphop beats and breaks to dreamy musical pictures of instrumental music. BAD IDEAS is concentrating on music production as something wonderful and its raw endings, cuts and missing fades amplify this feeling. You can surely find a strong influence of jazz music in his chord progressions and catchy phrases. So Meteo22 comes as an offer and parole to start to make music again and let ideas grow by themselves again without restrictions or genre typical needings.

Is that a bad idea? Meteosound prooves again that it´s worth to spend any hour of your lifetime for the wants and wishes of good electronic music far beyond marketing areas, techno club hypes or overdone labelling of a genre - whether you call it dub, soul city music or electronic music or whatever...

FELIX is also known as DONNA K and SCAPEGOAT for several releases on labels like FREIZEITGLAUBEN or SHITKATAPULT.

Felix: Bad Ideas

Shorty Felix 1' 59''
Bad Ideas Felix 2' 52''
Autumn Felix 2' 10''
Failure Felix 4' 05''
Pict Felix 3' 28''

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