Endless Summer

Editions Mego eMego135V
  • 2LP: Includes download
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Vinyl contains ‘Ohne Sonne’ and ’47 Blues’ previously only available on the Japenese CD versions.
As well as an new extended version of ‘Happy Audio’ exclusive to this release.

"Endless Summer", originally released in 2001 by Mego, was a breakthrough album for Christian Fennesz. The album which brought his name and music towards the first steps of mainstream recognition. Following on from the more experimental "Hotel Paral.lell" and the Beach Boys homaged "Plays" single "Endless Summer" brought the guitars more to the front, the electronics shimmered more, and the melodies shined more brightly. It went on to be a classic of its time, topping many end of year polls. This new definitive edition is newly mixed by Fennesz resulting in a more open sounding version of the tracks, especially the marimba driven "Caecilia", the hypnotic "Before I Leave", and the towering "Happy Audio". In addition 2 extra titles are included: "Badminton Girl", originally released in 2001 as part of the Split #15 12" with Main on Fat Cat Records (12FAT045), now out of print. "Endless", previously unreleased.

Fennesz: Endless Summer

Made In Hongkong Fennesz 4'22''
Endless Summer Fennesz 8'29''
A Year In A Minute Fennesz 6'00''
Caecilia Fennesz 3'51''
Got To Move On Fennesz 3'47''
Endless Fennesz 2'01''
Shisheido Fennesz 2'55''
Before I Leave Fennesz 4'06''
Badminton Girl Fennesz 4'06''
Happy Audio Fennesz 10'51''

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