Filthy Huns

Filthy Huns

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Daughters Of The Sun's singer / guitarist Nick Koenigs has been toiling solo as Filthy Huns for a couple quiet years at this point, layering grease-stained drum machines with badlands guitar, mirage keys, and desolate vocals, alternately broke-down and road-burned. His debut is a dusty midnight ride through black hills. “Watch Of The Bear” in particular captures a loner-in-leather mood, headlight off, pushing 70, chasing the horizon under a sea of stars. Elsewhere there's woozy, hungover dub (“Hot Morning”), peyote campfire awakening (“Infinite Ride”) and stoned sunshine raga (“Out Of The Grave"). Barren times on the highway, through darkening deserts.

Filthy Huns: Filthy Huns

Sun Rider Filthy Huns 1' 28''
So Gold Filthy Huns 2' 00''
Hot Morning Filthy Huns 2' 00''
Out of the Grave Filthy Huns 2' 00''
All My Friends Make the Best Music Filthy Huns 2' 00''
Watch of the Bear Filthy Huns 2' 00''
Infinite Ride Filthy Huns 2' 00''
Desert Chills Filthy Huns 2' 00''
Lords of Speed Filthy Huns 2' 00''

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