Finis Africae


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Come join Spaniard Juan Alberto Arteche Guel and his musical co-adventurers on their good ship Finis Africae on an imagined musical journey along the Amazon. This is a CD and vinyl LP reissue of their 1990 album, a rare and highly sought-after Balearic classic, Guel's masterpiece. Finis Africae was part of the musical flourishing that emerged at the end of the Franco regime, and this album, guided by the visionary Guel, captures the mature results of that era of new-found openness and freedom. Capturing Guel's production skills at their peak, "Amazonia" is informed by Jon Hassell and Brian Eno and their idea of a "fourth world" music. Arrangements which are spacious and fittingly aquatic feature electronic and acoustic instruments in thematic pieces which at times free-flowing and at others ripplingly percussive. Vividly imagined and beautifully recorded, this is a pleasant and memorable journey.

Finis Africae: Amazonia

Suite Amazonica (Amazon Suite) Finis Africae 57''
El Abrazo De La Selva (The Embrace Of The Forest) Finis Africae 55''
Carauari (Carauari) Finis Africae 55''
El Hechicero (The Soothsayer) Finis Africae 56''
Hombres Trueno (Thunder Men) Finis Africae 53''
Danca Do Corpo Finis Africae 55''
Remontando El Purus (Sailing The Purus) Finis Africae 53''
Hassell, El Oso Hormiguero (Hassell The Ant-Eater) Finis Africae 54''
Hombres Lluvia (Rain Men) Finis Africae 53''
Adios A Puerto Espana (Adieu To Puerto Espana) Finis Africae 55''

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