Flesh Eaters

Forever Came Today

Superior Viaduct SV052LP
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In the wake of the star-filled A Minute To Pray A Second To Die, The Flesh Eaters’ frontman Chris D. assembled a leaner, meaner band to deliver his next unbound vision. Forever Came Today, the group’s third full-length album, was originally released on Ruby Records in 1982 and features Don Kirk on guitar, Robyn Jameson on bass, Chris Wahl on drums, Steve Berlin on sax and Chris D.’s unmistakable voice.

“My Life To Live” and “Shallow Water” are masterfully wrought punk tunes, reverberating with heart-wrenching vocals that turn on a dime from desperate whispers to blood-curdling screams. “Drag My Name In Mud” dives deeper into full-throttle rock demonology, bluesy primeval swagger and obsessive imagery, inspired in equal parts by William S. Burroughs and Edgar Allan Poe.

This first-time reissue has been carefully remastered and comes with lyric sheet. Forever Came Today is the perfect introduction to The Flesh Eaters’ dark sense of humor and positively bleak form of rock ’n’ roll. Vinyl coming later in 2016!

Flesh Eaters: Forever Came Today

My Life To Live Flesh Eaters 00' 00''
A Minute To Pray, A Second To Die Flesh Eaters 00' 00''
Secret Life Flesh Eaters 00' 00''
Shallow Water Flesh Eaters 00' 00''
The Rosy Hours Flesh Eaters 00' 00''
The Wedding Dice Flesh Eaters 00' 00''
Hand Of Glory Flesh Eaters 00' 00''
Drag My Name In The Mud Flesh Eaters 00' 00''
Because Of You Flesh Eaters 00' 00''
Tightrope On Fire Flesh Eaters 00' 00''

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