Flying Saucer Attack

Distance (US Version)

  • LP: Includes download, Heavy tip-on gatefold sleeve
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Originally released on VHF as a compact disc at the end of 1994, this was the second FSA album, compiling five tracks from impossible-to-get seven-inches with twenty minutes of previously unreleased (and good) material. Similar in blend to the band’s first LP (also newly issued in the USA on deluxe vinyl), the songs hang together as a collection that improves on the individual singles.

The two proper singles that make up half of Distance — “Soaring High” / ”Standing Stone” and “Crystal Shade” / ”Distance” were instant collectables upon their release, so this album was compiled to make the songs permanently available. “Soaring High” and “Crystal Shade” are jagged bits of fuzzed-out pop genius; tracks like the mutant concrete “techno” of “Distance” and the two lengthy glissando workouts on “Oceans” and “Oceans II” offset the more conventional tunes, upping the overall impact as a whole album.

Flying Saucer Attack: Distance (US Version)

Oceans Flying Saucer Attack 5' 18''
Standing Stone Flying Saucer Attack 3' 49''
Crystal Shade Flying Saucer Attack 4' 58''
Instrumental Wish Flying Saucer Attack 6' 42''
Distance Flying Saucer Attack 4' 55''
November Mist Flying Saucer Attack 5' 01''
Soaring High Flying Saucer Attack 4' 21''
Oceans 2 Flying Saucer Attack 5' 38''

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