Francisco López

Untitled (2017)

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Untitled (2017) compiles seven works that were created in the year 2017 gathering sound sources collected all over the world, from the Himalaya mountains to South Africa, from wildlife atmospheres to urban noises. The flow and structure of the CD stands out in López body of work as it moves away from the slowly building big and dense crescendo movement Francisco López is so famous for. Instead, untitled (2017) is very dynamic and moving, even hectic at times, and navigates the listener through a palette of sounds that feel primitve and even aggressive at time times and dark and brooding in patches.

Untitled (2017) is Francisco López’ second release for aufabwegen after 2011’s untitled #205.

Francisco López: Untitled (2017)

untitled#355 Francisco López 8' 56''
untitled#358 Francisco López 8' 26''
untitled#354 (transmission-compressed) Francisco López 10''
untitled#354 (original) Francisco López 10' 00''
untitled#359 Francisco López 19' 28''
untitled#357 Francisco López 8' 57''
untitled#356 Francisco López 12' 20''

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