François Dufrêne


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A remastered vinyl issue of the impossible-to-find album Cri-Rythmes by the French sound poet François Dufrêne (1930-1982). First published on cassette in the 1970’s, this LP holds tracks not available since then. Dufrêne swallows the microphone, gargles the capsule, then vomits up the cables. Claustrophobic, verbal seizures, revealing once more that Dufrêne is king and all the pages of poetic history now have his spit on them.

François Dufrêne: Cri-Rythmes

Cri-Rythmes Part 1 François Dufrêne 20' 40''
Cri-Rythmes Part 2 François Dufrêne 22' 20''

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