Free Range

King Of Snake

Osàre! Editions OE01
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Uniting under the moniker of Free Range, prolific US underground producer Matt Weiner (2MR, Night People) and Lithuanian experimentalist Ernestas Sadau (Pinkman, Digital Tsunami), provide Osàre’s first release with ‘King of Snakes’. A lovingly sludgy collaboration, the record mixes DIY electronics, droning atmospheric and space-inflected new wave influences, underscored by a surrealist edge glimpsed in track titles such as ‘Relax, It’s Just Eggs’ and ‘Washing Machine Speaking

Label Description:
Osàre is the new label from Elena Colombi, the much-respected and always intriguing DJ and NTS resident. Known for her unique ability to connect the spirit of records from her wide-ranging collection, Osàre translates in her native Italian to “daring” or “bold”, setting a precedent for what to expect from Colombi’s curation; future facing music culled from a legacy of forward-thinking experimentation and abandon, imbued with a sense of complete freedom, transcending expectations of time or genre.

Free Range: King Of Snake

Home Security System Free Range 1' 29''
Relax It's Just Eggs Free Range 1' 29''
Washing Machine Speaking Free Range 1' 29''
Toyota Mirror Free Range 1' 30''
Translucent Ashtray Free Range 1' 28''
Trip To Nairobi Free Range 1' 29''

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