Fun Fare

Trifles & Events Are Your Concern

Späti Palace SP016LP
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FUN FARE is the experimental pop laboratory of Friedrich Günther, Julia Boehme, Joseph Heinze and Jakob Zander, which hails from Leipzig. In combining and distilling their respective influences they are constantly withdrawing from all possible expectations and presumptions. Krautrock meditations are interrupted by synth-pop intermezzi and bathed in waves of post-punk without laying false or random trails. It’s more like an experiment under controlled conditions or an elaborate construction that is spontaneous and playful. In the autumn of 2015, Fun Fare recorded their debut album „Wrong Gong“, which was released in February 2016 via Hartnack Records and played shows with Candelilla, Soft Grid, Friends Of Gas and Priests. Recently they released a split tape with Berlin post-punk band Plattenbau via Flennen and at the Trans Century Update Festival in UT Connewitz in Leipzig shared the stage with John Maus, Alex Cameron and Thurston Moore Group among others. Their second album “Trifles & Events Are Your Concern” promises to deliver on the promise of their early releases and is a strong addition to the catalogue of Späti Palace.

Fun Fare: Trifles & Events Are Your Concern

Your Own Ornament Fun Fare 1' 00''
Fibre Glows Fun Fare 6' 44''
Angry Colour Fun Fare 4' 09''
The Smile Song Fun Fare 6' 56''
Lake Vostok Fun Fare 6' 31''
Chinese Walls Fun Fare 3' 42''
Good Good Good Fun Fare 5' 39''
Coda Fun Fare 3' 58''

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