G.B. Beckers


Music From Memory MFM035
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2018 reissue of G.B. Beckers' 'Walkman' album from 1982. A painter and musician from Aachen, Germany, Günther Beckers created his third album ’Walkman' to coincide with an exhibition of his latest body of artwork in 1982. Released on his very own 'Milky Music' label with a run of just 500 copies and original pieces of artwork included with some copies, most copies of the album however remained amongst art collectors and with the painter himself. Rediscovered a few years ago through a friend of Music From Memory in the archives of a local radio station where all but one of the stations copies had been destroyed, it has been an album the label have been in love with since the first listen.

G.B. Beckers: Walkman

Klangschwaden Gunther Beckers
Walkman Gunther Beckers
Kichina Gunther Beckers
Torso Gunther Beckers
Farbflugel Gunther Beckers
Flugzeit Gunther Beckers
Herzschlag Gunther Beckers
Farbwalzer Gunther Beckers
Vollmond Gunther Beckers
Zeitlupentraum Gunther Beckers

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