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Mondoj presents Jeremy, the latest release from LA's Roy Werner, who is perhaps better known for his work as G.S. Sultan. While the Max/MSP magician's previous works delved into ideas of "avant-garde pointilism" (ad.sculpt tutorial, Orange Milk Records) or presented "abstract noise as a communicative medium" (Redundancy Suite, Phinery), Jeremy repurposes pop music to create abstract, vaporous forms.

The 8 pieces presented on Jeremy are woozy and fluid, disorienting, yet also completely accessible. "Maseira" is like a mirror room filled with cascading synthesizers and unknown voices, while the contents of "Deodice In Silk Medidate" seem slippery, never tangible, always on the verge of existence. "Cavewhistler" is electronic minimalism at its peak, like "Music for 18 Musicians" forced through an epic Max/MSP patch, whereas the closing "Ansonia 83" is like digital wisps of ambient smoke colliding with a hyperactive robot choir.

Thematically, the album revolves around masking and smelting pop samples and concealing ubiquitous sound forms in highly abstracted structures. What you hear is nowhere near what it used to be, nor something you can easily file away in your mental cabinet as you're listening.

G.S. Sultan: Jeremy

World? G.S. Sultan 3' 28''
Maseira G.S. Sultan 4' 50''
Deodice In Silk Meditate G.S. Sultan 6' 34''
Ansonia 85 G.S. Sultan 3' 25''
Cavewhistler G.S. Sultan 4' 06''
Formula For A Decian Echo G.S. Sultan 4' 08''
Modified Mirror And Match G.S. Sultan 5' 01''
Ansonia 83 G.S. Sultan 3' 35''

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