• LP: Clear vinyl. Edition of 300.
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The follow up to their debut Preludes # 1 is a surreal journey in which the duo further explore their shared interest of sample based music, minimalism and arrangement methods found in the dub tradition. By combining analogue and digital technologies with found sounds and acoustic instrumentation, Cologne based DJ Phillip Jondo and Glasgow based artist Simon Weins invite the listener to delve deeper into their exploration of time, space, texture and form...

Returning with a more refined body of work, Garland sets the tone on # 2 by shifting attention to the ever-changing nature inherent to sound itself. Worlds in which the origin of sound is untraceable and where micro events become the basis for extended explorations.

Garland: #2

S.am Garland 3' 06''
Gar.Ske Garland 4' 35''
( ( (noh) ) ) Garland 3' 52''
Eps.Ans Garland 4' 36''
Tom.Pt Garland 4' 14''
Candy.Blp Garland 4' 14''
Detar.Hu Garland 4' 04''
Fa.De Garland 4' 08''
E.ijyh Garland 2' 20''

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