Private Life II

Music From Memory MFM036
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Private Life II is Dâm-Funk's second album for Music From Memory, an outlet that, like him, specialises in nostalgic '80s sounds. We get plenty of those across the LP's seven tracks, which strip away Damon Riddick's usual neck-snapping rhythms to focus on layers of sun-kissed melodies and synth tones. Recalling the more colourful sections of Tangerine Dream's discography, the LP's hazy space is best enjoyed with a blunt in a living room, a warm blend of neo-funk and ambient to help your mind drift away. Chilled-out ambient funk from the Los Angeles artist.

Garrett: Private Life II

Gotta Get Thru It Garrett 2' 00''
Changes Garrett 2' 00''
Awaiting The Light Garrett 2' 00''
Warm Sentiments Garrett 2' 00''
Sitting At The Bar Waiting Garrett 2' 00''
Conflicted Lovers Garrett 2' 00''
Stay Garrett 2' 00''

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